Drug House Ordinance discussed at Clarksburg City Council work session

CLARKSBURG, W. Va. (WDTV) - Clarksburg City Council met for a work session at the Municipal Building to discuss upcoming projects. This included the Drug House ordinance.

Mayor Cathy Goings says the council had a first glance of the draft where property owners would be held responsible for any drug or suspicious activity by their tenants.

During the session, they had the chance to see what fees will be implemented, the rights owners have and find out how the city can help them if they're in this situation.

"We want to work with the property owners and give them another tool in the event they need to evict the tenants," said Goings. "So we're trying to work with the property owners and again increase the standard of living for rental properties in our community."

The session was open to the public. There was no voting on ordinances.