Controversy continues over drug task force in Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - For quite some time now, we've been keeping you in the loop about both Bridgeport and Clarksburg's contributions to a Tactical Diversion Task Force. A unit that will help fight the drug issue in our area.

During Wednesday's Bridgeport City Council meeting, Mayor Robert Greer singled out councilman Lowell Maxey, someone who has been against the cities' decision to enter into a contract with other agencies in an effort to add an officer to the task force.

Maxey wanted to add an officer to the task force, someone who was 100 percent committed and wouldn't haven't rely on funding year-to-year.

The Mayor told everyone that Maxey two weeks ago was out of line going to the Harrison County Commission and speaking out against the cities' proposal.

The commission still needs to approve the intergovernmental agreement. Their vote has since been suspended.

Greer felt Maxey spoke on behalf of the entire council and that's something he feels is wrong.

"Once the city has taken action, the majority vote controls the action of the city," said Greer. "I think it was inappropriate for him (Maxey) to express otherwise to the county commission."

Maxey, however, doesn't believe he over stepped his boundaries. And he said he wasn't speaking on behalf of the entire council. He was just there to say he believes this is a bad idea.

"I don't feel I over stepped my bounds at all," said Maxey. "I'll continue to fight for this staffing of the TDS. I think this was a bad move. I told the commission that."

Read Greer's entire statement in the attachments and watch Maxey's entire response in the video above.

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