Fairmont residents ready to speak out for, against Human Rights Commission proposal

FAIRMONT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- Fairmont City Council will vote, Tuesday night, to reestablish the human rights commission. It's a hot topic among residents.

More than a dozen people lined up outside the Public Safety Building along Quincy Street, since early Tuesday morning. Some will be attending the meeting in favor of the ordinance, while others will be there to let the council know they're against it.

Even though they have a difference in opinion, they say they join in unity as a community.

City manager Robin Gomez says the human rights commission has not been active for more than 20 years and if it passes, it will serve as an advocacy and educational factor for the city.

Those in favor in the commission say the commission will bring people together and make more opportunities.

"It's a group that's all about bringing people together and because we are the Friendly City of Fairmont. It will help educate people on diversity, different issues, maybe prejudices we have in this community," said Trish Connor.

Some opposing the ordinance say this should be left for community organizations, instead of having committee members being selected by the government officials.

"I am not against human rights for anybody, but I feel that the ordinance is only going to protect a certain class. I want to see all of us protected, the religious community protected, I want to see our religious rights," said Kandice Nuzum.

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