Fairmont residents want city to take care of dilapidated homes

FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - Some of you in Fairmont tell 5 News you want the city to take care of old, dilapidated homes on Walnut Avenue.

Neighbors say not only are they a sight for sore eyes, but one person says she's afraid mice, and other unwanted visitors could make their way to her home.

"I don't want to see my house become ruined like those other two homes," said Thelma Toothman.

"Those houses have been an eye sore," said Debra Vankirk.

Toothman says she has lived in the neighborhood for almost 50 years, and has slowly watched the condition of the homes decline.

"When we first moved here 46 years ago, those houses were very nice," Toothman said.

Aside from what they call an ugly appearance, Toothman wants the city to do something about the problem.

"I have got five little dogs in my house plus I have got a husband that is bed fast, and he had a stroke two years ago and he has Alzheimer's and dimentia," Toothman said. "These rats and other rodents that are running around here, I don't need them to come and get into my home."

"The mess that's there, it's a welcome mat for unwanted things," Vankirk said. "So I'd like to see them taken down."

Dilapidated structures aren't a thing that exists just in Fairmont. We've told you in the past how they exist in other parts of our area. Fairmont City Manager Robin Gomez is familiar with the issue, and the city is doing all they can do get this fixed as soon as possible.

"Once we acquire the properties, we will maintain them," Gomez said. "We will maintain them, we will make sure that if the grass needs to be mowed, if there are any other issues with securing or boarding up windows, doors, the City of Fairmont will do that."

"We encourage people to let us know of any issues out there of structures that are posing a problem, please feel free to call us," Gomez added.

City of Fairmont: 304-366-6212
E-Mail: rgomez@fairmontwv.gov