Hey, what's that construction project on Point Marion Road?

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Point Marion Road in Morgantown is constantly bustling with activity. Now, a new business called 'The Crossings' is coming to the area and promises to fill a need for the community.

The Crossings will be state of the art and will offer three different lifestyle options.

"People may go to school here and want to stay, live here and work here, and they want to stay here in their later years and we haven't really had facilities for them," said Monongalia County commissioner, Tom Bloom.

The new center will be a full service, state-of-the art facility that offers continuing care for senior citizens.

"It will have independent living, assisted living and memory care, within one campus," said a representative from the company.

The Crossings is part of a larger operating company called Harmony Senior Services that operates in several states.

"We offer that special niche that allows seniors to age in place. So ideally, if someone was wanting to downsize and moved here, as their level of care goes up, they can essentially stay on the same campus," the representative said.

A special feature of the facility will be a memory care ward....dedicated to caring for patients with memory related illnesses like dementia.

"I love it," said Point Marion resident Stephanie Howell.

Howell continued, "I don't mind it at all. I think the traffic might increase a little bit, but that's okay."

The company also notes that it will focus on hiring locally, helping create new jobs for Morgantown.

"The more we can offer different types of jobs that aren't just in one area, the more people will want to come here," said Commissioner Bloom.

The multi-million dollar project is expected to be completed sometime in 2018. Developers stated that they are waiting to obtain the appropriate licenses from the state before it will start accepting residents.

"I think it will definitely be an asset to Morgantown, having that [senior center] there," Howell said.