Literacy Volunteers of Marion County seek extra help

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Literacy Volunteers of Marion County are looking for extra help.

"What we do is we our a free service to any student from first grade and up that is in need of assistance with reading, math, writing, and English as a second language," said Kay Nesselrotte, Director.

With school back in session, the organization is currently seeking tutors.

"We need some volunteers to come later in the day to work with those students and many of our tutors have jobs and some are retired. It takes a lot of tutors to be able to flex time enough to match those students with the tutors to get everyone in here that we need," said Nesselrotte.

Adults also participate in the program to help gain high school proficiency skills. Many of the participants are also learning English as a second language.

"That is a great experience for all of us to see individuals that are so eager to be able to advance their ability to speak English. It's interesting and I find from time to time that they are the most dedicated in terms of participation," said Nesselrotte.

According to the most recent statistics, one in five adults in Marion County cannot read at a fourth grade level.

Nesselrotte said the experience is not only satisfying for the students,, but its also rewarding for the volunteers.

"We welcome anyone that is truly interested in volunteering and working with other students," said Nesselrotte.

Training for new volunteers will begin Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16 in Fairmont. Volunteers will complete nine hours of training to receive a tutor certification.

For more information you can call 304-366-6055. You can also visit the link to your right.