Local lawmakers talk WV Senate bathroom renovations

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - This week our state senate began working on renovations for eight restrooms in the state capitol's main building. But the hefty price tag on these renovations has sparked some concerns.

The state budget is 4.25 billion dollars.

The goal is to make sure they comply with the American with Disabilities act. But these renovations cost over $850,000. Earlier this week we told you our state is already down $11 million to start the fiscal year.

One lawmaker we talked with said this isn't a good time to be spending money on renovations.

"It certainly doesn't seem like a wise time to be remodeling our nearly 100-year-old capitol," said Senator Mike Romano (D - Harrison County). "We're in serious financial condition."

Another lawmaker also told us the bathrooms likely needed upgrades, but also offered some explanation on the price tag.

"Do they need repaired? Perhaps so. I don't know enough about the topic," said Senator Robert Karnes (R - Upshur County). "Reason why it costs so much, I believe, it's the ADA compliance and that's typically the federal government inserting itself where they really have no business."