Local women make it on 'Judge Judy'

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Two women from Clarksburg battled it out in court on 'Judge Judy.' Mike Valente caught up with them, before the episode aired Wednesday.

The plaintiff, Dianna Cruz, brought Ladonna Lathon to the court back in January. Cruz alleged that Lathon took advantage of Cruz's daughter's drug addiction, and bought property from her when she was not in the right state of mind.

"She is my child, she is my daughter, and of course a mother is going to defend the rights of her child," Cruz told 5 News.

Lathon claims Cruz's daughter approached Lathon in December about buying a shed on her recently deceased grandmother's property.

"[She] basically asked if I wanted to buy a metal storage building that was in their yard, after the house that they were living in next door had been condemned," Lathon insisted.

Both parties said there were contentious moments at time.

"These [shows] are very real, so when you go in front of Judge Judy, you need to be prepared," Lathon said, laughing.

In the end, Judge Judy sided with Lathon, but both of the women say they hold no ill-will towards each other.

Meanwhile, Cruz is no stranger to the TV courtroom. She made an appearance in one almost 20 years ago. You can hear that conversation in the video above.

(Note: Footage from courtroom was not used in this story due to licensing reasons).