FIRST ON 5 NEWS: Grafton City Police Officer shot man in self defense


The scene on East Washington street cleared just after 5:00 Thursday evening. Neighbors told 5 News that this incident comes as a shock and that any police activity like this is extremely rare in that neighborhood.

"It's not like this," said Linda Plum who lives nearby. "This was a shooting and it was real close to my home, and I wasn't expecting to hear anything or see anything like this today."

"Ten minutes until 3, I heard 'boom,'" said Jennifer Billups. "I didn't even realize it was a gun until I saw them coming out of the firehouse right across the street."

The investigation is being handled by West Virginia State Police.


The Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney told 5 News that the incident started on the second level of a parking garage off west Main Street in Grafton. A man allegedly went after the Grafton City Police Chief with a butcher knife.

The Chief warded him off, and the suspect took off about 100 yards. Another officer met up with the suspect, who went after that officer. That officer shot in self-defense. The suspect was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.

This incident is under investigation. Stay with 5 News for continued updates


According to the Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney, a Grafton City Police officer shot a man in self-defense who came after him with a butcher knife.

5 News is still at the scene and will have more information about the suspect and the events leading up to this incident on First at 5.


5 News is at the scene of a reported shooting in Grafton. As of 4:15 Thursday afternoon, authorities have not released any additional information. We will have a live report from the scene on First at 5.


According to the Grafton City Fire Chief one person was hurt after a shooting near West Main Street in Grafton.

No word on the extent of the victim's injuries but the victim will be taken to Grafton City Hospital before being flown elsewhere.

This is a developing story.

5 News does have a reporter headed to the scene. Stick with us for the latest information.