Our youth, our future: Hailey Goodwin

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - Hailey Goodwin is one teenager who understands the importance of hard work.

Hailey is studing to be a pharmacy technician.

"Whatever anyone can throw at me, I will try to tackle," said Hailey.

The high school senior is studying to become a licensed pharmacy technician at Monongalia County Technical Education Center, while also attending Morgantown High School and holding down a part time job.

"I'm able to take my boards and become a pharmacist's tech right out of high school," Hailey said.

When she started at M-Tech, Hailey discovered Skills USA, a leadership organization that pairs students with industry leaders to prepare them for the workforce.

"Students start out with community service projects and professional development," explained Tonia Frye, the Skills USA mentor at M-Tech.

"It's a student-led organization for the students, by the students, demonstrating the abilities we've acquired through our technical programs," Hailey explained.

The teenager uses her platform to teach students and parents that a technical school education can be just as valuable as a college degree.

"There is a wide variety of options that can come from a technical trade that you can it and still grow with it; I plan to go to college even though I went to a technical education center because I'm furthering [my education]," said Hailey.

"They're going to be a step ahead of the student who didn't take a career tech-ed class," Frye said.

Hailey now serves as vice-president of the M-Tech chapter and a state officer for Skills, and has won several awards at Skills USA competitions.

"I just like showing [my peers] how to be a role model and be responsible, and how to be a leader and present yourself," Hailey said.

Hailey plans to go to college to further her education and wants to pursue a career in nursing.

"I see her being very successful," said Hailey's mom, Christal Goodwin.

Hailey says her desire to be in the medical field comes from seeing her mother work as a nurse, but also her own desire to help others.

"I definitely want to just help our youth and our society," she said.