Route 50 repairs expected for the fall

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GRAFTON, W.V.a., (WDTV) -- Route fifty has long since been a source of frustration, but the Department of Transportation says with funding available it will finally get the repairs it deserves.

If you've traveled into Grafton from route 50 then you've experienced this. Some locals deeming the patch of road near mile marker 150 as the roller coaster road while others don't find the sinking highway quite as funny.

"In order to continue to grow the community we need good roads, in order to bring people here for tourism and also for business development. It's very important the state does everything possible to improve our infrastructure especially the roads," says Tom Hart, local business owner.

With years of quick fixes local business owners and community members want to know just what is being done and when they can expect to see improvements.

"What we're doing right now is trying to maintain and keep the roadway from worsening and allow traffic to keep driving on it," says Carrie Jones, Department of Transportation.

The department of transportation expressed that the state's mountainous terrain has play a major role along with state funding. But ensure that work will begin over the summer and plans to complete the project in the fall.

"We always appreciate people's patience you know this is something that has been getting worse over the years, but it's just West Virginia's topography," says Jones.

And while officials are optimistic about the expected improvements to route 50 they also want the department to rethink taking on new projects before taking care of unfinished business.

"Well Route 50 is a main thoroughfare for us, I mean we have Route 50 and 119, and Route 250 these are our main thoroughfares and we expect them to be taken care of," says Grafton Delegate, Amy Summers (R).

"They're not even getting to our side roads let alone our main roads, and we are demanding them to be fixed."