Senator Joe Manchin speaks on tax reform and meeting at the White House

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Senator Joe Manchin was one of the seven Senators to attend a dinner at the White House on September 12. He was among the three Democratic Senators that represent states President Trump won last election.

Senator Manchin spoke on a press conference saying the Mr. Trump began the dinner speaking about infrastructure, new technology, rural connectivity and tax reform. He said the conversation was productive and that Mr. Trump looked comfortable working on this issue with members of both parties.

Manchin also mentioned that he still wants to see in depth details of the proposed tax reform but wants to make sure the results will benefit the American working class.

"We're just trying to move the ball forward, said Manchin. "I want to thank the state of West Virginia. I think the people want tax cuts. I think we can give them tax cuts to the rational and reasonable and also take all the give-aways we've been giving to the people that can take advantage of it."

WVU Political Science Assistant Professor Dr. Patrick Hickey says President Trump is showing his willingness to work among party lines, after the Senate failed to repeal parts of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

"i think it's a potential new way forward in his administration," said Hickey. "I think he feels burnt, he kind of trusted Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell so I think in the beginning he trusted those Republican leaders and they sort of let him down."

According to the Trump administration, the tax reform will cut corporate taxes to 15 percent, saying it will keep companies competitive in the global market. It will also cut taxes to the middle class, create a simplified code and end the death tax for families.