Students make video to warn of prom season dangers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -- Students from several high schools in South Bend, Indiana put together a PSA about the dangers of drunk driving ahead of this year's prom season.

The video production class from Riley High School, and the medical magnet team from Washington High School, teamed up with the South Bend police and fire departments to reconstruct a deadly drunk driving crash.

The scene uses real wrecked cars, but all of the kids and emergency personnel are acting. While the accident was staged, those involved say it is an important reminder for kids about the real consequences of drinking and driving.

"They're always higher this time of year. The weather's getting nicer, they've got a little bit more freedom, they feel older, the nights of prom, the tragedy usually happens around that time," said Tina Horvath, a teacher at South Bend Washington High School.

They hope every school in South Bend will get to show their students the video ahead of their prom.

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