Voter ID bill met with mixed feelings

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- A bill being talked about during legislative session aims to restrict a previous bill when it comes to voter identification.

This new bill was the original form of the previous bill passed last year. This requires folks to present a photo ID to be allowed to vote. We spoke to a sponsor of the bill and he says this ensures that no voting is done in a safe and legal manner.

"The purpose of the voter ID law is really is to instill confidence in the election process," said Delegate Danny Hamrick (R-Harrison). "We hope voter fraud isn't happening, but unfortunately we have a little bit of history of it happening in the past."

But, others disagree. They say voter turnout in the Mountain State is already low and this would make voting difficult for many.

"What we need in West Virginia is more people voting," said Gary Zuckett, Executive Director of West Citizens Action Group. "This type of legislation is designed to restrict people from voting."