WV 4-H members learn leadership skills at camp

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LEWIS COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Many 4-H members from all over West Virginia were busy getting settled in at summer camp on Sunday afternoon at WVU Jackson's Mill. The camp will be hosting workshops to help youths learn leadership skills. The workshops include baking, business development, fitness and more.

Barbie Little helped organize the event, and is also a volunteer. She was a 4-H camper herself, and she told 5 News how she felt about still being involved.

"I love it. I have watched campers start at the earliest age they can and age out. We have 21-year-olds that still come to age out of this program, and we have 11 and 12-year-olds who are excited coming here for the first time," said Little.

Little's whole family is involved in the program, including her daughter, Maggie, who has been a 4-H member for nine years. She said the program has helped her gain many skills.

"I've definitely learned leadership, and how to help campers out who maybe feel homesick or just don't feel like they're having a fun week. It's improved my public speaking. I'm not one to get up and just speak in front of people, but 4-H has helped with that," said Maggie Little.

She also added that the 4-H program has helped her transition to public school by making her experience a bigger environment and large crowds.

Maggie and her mom told 5 News their favorite part about the summer camp.

"Meeting new friends in council circle," said Maggie Little.

"Watching the campers grow," said Barbie Little.

The members get to stay for five days until the camp wraps up on July 21.