Weatherford laying off around 65 people, no comment from officials

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BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WDTV) - Weatherford U.S. L.P. has decided to layoff around 65 people in our area.


According to a letter sent out by the company, the reason behind this, "loss of business opportunities."

These layoffs will be at Weatherford's pressure pumping facility in Buckhannon and its associated facilities.

We reached out to the site and a representative told us that he could not comment at this time. We also reached out the company's human resource director. After multiple calls and an email he has not gotten back to us.

We did talk to some of you, though. One person tells us that her son was laid off by the company about a year ago and she's pretty surprised they're continuing to lay some folks off.

"A year ago, in March, they laid him off, because they said there was lack of work. He was there for about a month," said a mother who did not want her named used.

Watch the mayor of Buckhannon weigh in on this above.