Rain chances coming in late Monday.

Warmer and wetter weather. Why?

When will the rain return? When will it go way? Why will it be falling? Find out!

Warmer weather on the way. Why and when?

How much longer until it warms up?

Low pressure system responsible for all of the snow we are seeing today!

Wintry mix and what to expect

The first day of winter. What does it mean?

Lake effect snow and West Virginia

La Nina this winter: What it is and what it means for our weather

How to predict a frost.

Tropical Depression Nate and its impact

High pressure versus low pressure. What does each bring weather-wise?

Falling through fall. Why the beginning of the new season means big changes in temperature.

Can you predict the temperature with crickets?

Hurricane Irma and its path to the Mountain State. What does it mean for us?

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