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Aliayah Lunsford Still Missing After 18 Months
Written by Erin MacPherson
Last updated on March 25, 2013 @ 1:55PM
Created on March 24, 2013 @ 6:00PM
18 months ago Sunday, a three year old girl went missing from her Lewis County home. The disappearance of Aliayah Lunsford is tragic and still unknown.
911 Center: 911, what's your emergency?
Lena Lunsford: My baby's missing.

This was the call made by Lena Lunsford the morning of September 24th, 2011. She told police Aliayah was in her bed at 6:30 and was gone when she checked on her just a few hours later.

"I want her home with us where she belongs because we all love and miss her so much," said Aliayah's Aunt.

Some people are wondering why an amber alert wasn't set out, but FBI said it was because they had nothing to send. there was no sign of a break-in or any leads on a vehicle or person.

"I plan on doing anything I have to to keep Aliayah's name out there and a live so that people don't forget about her," said Aliayah's Aunt.

Family members said they just don't want the world to forget who she was.

"If it was anyone else's child. Would you want them to be forgotten? I mean she's a three-year-old. a three-year-old doesn't just vanish into thin air," said Family Member.

Unfortunately no one wanted to go on camera with their thoughts Sunday, but one woman said she doesn't know what happened to this little girl. She just hopes she's in a better place.

The investigation is technically still underway since nothing has been found to close the case.

"My personal feeling is that from day one we haven't been given the proper information and until that proper information comes out and is made public or is least brought to our desk then this is going to continue on," said Sheriff Mike Gissy, Lewis County Sheriff's Department.

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