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Animals Hibernate, Can Humans?
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on January 06, 2013 @ 11:43PM
Created on January 06, 2013 @ 5:04PM

Winters here in our state usually seems to be tough. But even though we have to deal with the cold temperatures, many animals out there don't have to because of hibernation.

Bears, squirrels, reptiles, and other animals hibernate during the winter but what does hibernation that mean?

"It sustains them so they don't have to eat during the winter time and then they wake up when it's spring time and they go about their business," said Doug Farnan, Harrison County Resident.

"Sleeping. You're all sluggish. You don't really feel like doing anything. Really lazy," said Kelsey Corder, Harrison County Resident.

That's where a lot of people are mistaken. Hibernation doesn't just mean sleeping. It's when an animal's metabolism slows down, their body temperature decreases, and they are inactive. So does that mean humans could hibernate?

"For this time of year, definitely. I think they do because in the summer time it's a lot easier to get out. So in a way they probably could," said Kelsey Corder.

"Most of us kind of do. We leave in the morning when it's dark and we come home in the evening and it's dark," said Maxine McCarty, Harrison County Resident.

Humans can enter a hibernation-like state during these winters months. This doesn't mean humans actually hibernate by storing fat to stay alive. But rather because of shorter days, less sun exposure, and staying indoors our metabolism can slow down and we become less active.

"You want to stay inside because it's so cold out. You find activities indoors, but you don't want to go out," said Jonette Farnan, Harrison County Resident.

"We don't hibernate like animals do, but our metabolism slows down in the winter months because of the cold weather," said Doug Farnan.

Now we as human beings don't need to enter a hibernation state because we have things to keep us alive like warm clothes and heaters. But that doesn't mean we won't need to enter a hibernation state at some point.  There have been a few stories that said there were people in a crisis situation who did enter a hibernation state, and doctors are researching how to induce patients into trauma patients.

"Yeah, if it was a life and death matter I think you could," said Doug Farnan.

"I could see if there's a trauma by being in a state of calm and sleep, that would help your body heal. that makes perfect sense," said Maxine McCarty.

In these winters months try to stay active to keep your metabolism up and away from this hibernation-like state.

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