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As Washington In-Fighting Continues, Approval Ratings Slide
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on July 13, 2013 @ 6:52PM
Created on July 13, 2013 @ 6:24PM

Washington in-fighting has caused the sequester to extend for months, halted the immigration reform bill, and continues to stall government work.

While President Obama's approval rating has dipped into the mid 40's and Congress' approval rating remains at record lows, Congress is on pace to pass the fewest laws in 60 years.

A recent poll has found that 49% of registered Republicans are unhappy with the job that the House GOP is doing. That same amount also feel that the party isn't doing enough to work with the President. One Republican we spoke with today agreed with that assessment by citing student loans.

"I have a lot of student loans and they're trying to hike them up. That's not beneficial to me. I don't think they're compromising enough," Republican Derrick Donley told 5 News.

On the other side, 22% of Democrats feel that President Obama could be doing a better job reaching out to the Republican-held House of Representatives.

"They never play nice with each other and they never have. They never get anything done and you're seeing a lot of this now--especially with student loans--they can't come up with a deal or anything that's going to work for anybody," said Democrat Corey Adams.

Among the problems currently facing the House GOP, people think they lack compassion. This thought was put into action after the house GOP passed a farm bill that President Obama has threatened to veto because it didn't include the food stamp program.

"Until we learn to compromise with each other we're going to be stagnant like we have been for the past few years," Adams added.

Even so, one man we spoke to said that in the end being dissatisfied with your government isn't the answer.

"Look at Congress. We're the ones who put them in there. Even the President. It's the people themselves. If we stop letting things divide us and separate us and instead unite, we have control of this country," said Democrat David Dorsey.

While our government remains grid-locked in President Obama's second-term, the people we spoke to all agreed on one thing: If you want things to change, get out and vote.

How this will impact the 2014 mid-term elections is still up in the air, though a generic national Congressional ballot shows that the Democrats currently lead in polls 42% to 38% over Republicans.

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