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Controversial Photo Prompts Locals to Tell Fast Food Horror Stories
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on June 15, 2013 @ 7:18PM
Created on June 15, 2013 @ 7:12PM

"It was gross." 

"It was disgusting."

"I hope that wasn't my order." 

Those were reactions to a photo of a Wendy's worker eating ice cream right out of the machine.  

Danny Burnworth of Clarksburg said, "When you're eating in a restaurant, you try not to think of those kinds of things, or you would never eat in them."

That's what Wendy's hopes, that you don't think about it.  They released this statement saying, " If true, this is totally inexcusable.  We are investigating and will take action."

But this photo isn't the first of it's kind. 

Recently, photos like this having been popping up on the internet, like that of a Taco Bell worker licking a stack of tacos.  It caused consumer perception of the fast food joint to fall into the negatives for a while. The worker claimed those tacos were going in the trash, but has since been fired. 

Maybe these photos are being staged for social media and aren't real. But, we all know a fast food horror story that is.

Burnworth added, "I know people who've worked at local fast food restaurants, that have worse stories than that."

Trina Fletcher is one such person.  She shared a story that a friend told her.  "She told me she used to know someone who would urinate in pickle jars, then put them back on the shelf and serve people right out of that pickle jar."

The next story fast food story she told me was too graphic to share.  So, what causes people to do this? 

"There is always people like that, who seems to get a thrill out of doing something like that. They're sort of like vandals," said Burnworth.

Health inspectors look for critical items like proper hand washing, and making sure the food comes from an approved source, among other things.

But we all know things slip through the cracks sometimes.  You just have to ask yourself: is it worth it?

"As long as you're not making your own food, you always take a chance at what might be going on behind the scenes.  I'll certainly still eat at Taco Bell and every other restaurant in town," said Heather Ketterman of Preston Co.


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