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Distracted Eating May Be Hurting You
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on March 25, 2013 @ 11:39AM
Created on March 24, 2013 @ 9:51PM
Eating in front of the TV may seem harmless and a way to relax, but it could be causing you to overeat.
According to an online report, people who eat snacks while watching TV are more likely to eat more calories in one sitting, especially later in the day. Distracted eaters don't pay close attention to the food they're eating and don't realize how much they've actually eaten.
As a result, the report says the amount of food you would normally eat could rise by up to 50% when you're distracted. Research suggests if people don't snack while they're distracted it could help with weight loss, but for some, the habit of snacking while watching TV is a hard one to break.
Harrison County resident Rachel Griffith said, "If the TV is on and I'm sitting down, I have to have chips or popcorn of something in front of me to eat. I have to chew on gum to stop myself because I feel like I have to be chewing on something."
Others say they like to snack on healthier food choices.
Sherry Gross, Harrison County resident, said, "Snack on healthy things, things that if you think you're going to eat a little more than you bargained for, you won't be eating something that's bad for you. If you're going to snack on something, snack on yogurt or jell-o or something low-key, something that's low in calories."
Harrison County resident Savvi Gross agreed, saying, "Yeah, snack on something that's very light."
Instead of intense calorie counting, paying attention to what you're eating could be an easier way to watch your weight.

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