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Drop 10 in 10: Week #7 Heart Health
Written by Erin MacPherson
Last updated on October 29, 2013 @ 7:34PM
Created on October 29, 2013 @ 6:49PM

We're over half way for all of you out there trying to lose ten pounds in ten weeks. Each week we've been telling you why this program is so good for your health. Tuesday, the topic is how losing weight can help your heart health and reduce the risk factors for heart disease.

That's not all, by losing weight you lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, and you just all around feel better. When you lower your blood pressure you also bring down your risk of getting a heart attack. Another major part is lowering your bad cholesterol while raising your good cholesterol. When you lose ten pounds you reduce that bad cholesterol by ten percent.

So how do we keep shedding the pounds to keep our heart healthy? The answer is exercising for at least thirty minutes 6 days a week, eating in moderation, and trying to eliminate that extra grease. When you go out to a restaurant don't be afraid to make requests on how to make your meal or to take some home!

5 News talked to a specialist and she said how important your heart truly is.

"We can't function without keeping our heart pumping. So, keeping our heart healthy is extremely important for how we function. If people have a strong heart muscle they are able to function in the way they want to," said Cheryl Farley, Registered Nurse for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab at UHC.  

Some extra tips for Halloween: buy snack size candies and put your treats in the freezer before you indulge!

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