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Home Birth vs. Hospital Births
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on September 25, 2013 @ 6:49PM
Created on September 25, 2013 @ 6:19PM

Wednesday morning 5 News got a phone call from a woman who was very excited that her friend just had a baby girl, but it wasn't your typical birth. The family decided to have the baby right inside their home without any help and the woman's husband wound up delivering the baby.

It's not the first time this family delivered their baby at home and this birth method is starting to become a little more common. Doctors on the other hand say they prefer when children are born in the hospital just in case there are any complications.

"This is Doris Alice Cooper Mulgrew. She was born this morning at 1:30," said Lianna Mulgrew.

When Lianna went into labor Tuesday night she didn't rush to the hospital. She decided to stay home and have her husband deliver the baby.

"It's calming to be home in my own bed and in my own surroundings. I could get up. I could go to the bathroom whenever I wanted. I could eat. I could drink," said Mulgrew.

An OB doctor from UHC said comfort is the second most important thing, to safety.

"I can be as hands off as the next person. I tell patients it doesn't matter to me if you walk or get in the shower. I want you to be
comfortable in labor, but I want you to be safe," said Dr. Wonda Hembree.

Lianna told us it's just so special to be one on one with her husband. So he can experience the beauty of the child first hand, like she has been for the past nine months.

"My husband, he wants to be involved in our kids lives in general and this is the first bonding experience he ever has to actually help deliver his own children. Plus, it's a good connection for him and I. We started the process together and we end it together," said Mulgrew.

The family said they would have been on the fence about this if they had complications with the births of their four other children. Regardless they went to the hospital later in the day just for precaution.

"There are something you can't detect, even as a mom. Coming to the hospital wasn't an option we were coming to make sure we were okay," said Mulgrew.

Dr. Hembree told 5 News lots of emergencies happen at the last minute so she thinks children should be born in the hospital. Just in case anything does go wrong they can help.

"If you don't need ant of the intervention. You don't get it. If you want it, it's here. If you require it, it's here to have a safe healthy delivery. We want a healthy mom and a healthy baby. How we get that in the end doesn't really matter," said Dr. Hembree.

The Mulgrew family said if you consider having a home birth, make sure you do a lot of research before hand. Doctors recommend if you want to give birth at home, have a mid-wife there to help.

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