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Lewis County Community Members Look Back on Superstorm Sandy a Year Later
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on October 29, 2013 @ 7:29PM
Created on October 29, 2013 @ 6:41PM

The snow was a major issue for the lower counties like Randolph and the upper counties like Preston, but what about the area in between? Lewis County had there hands full with another major problem caused by the super storm, power outages. 

Store managers told 5 News they were lucky because they weren't out of power for too long,but most of the people in the area were. Some for just a few days, while others were without power for almost two weeks.

A lot of the people in the area didn't want to relive the storm while others shared their stories. Some told 5 News when their power first went out they were scared it was going to be another Derecho. While it was different circumstances they were still without power for quite a bit of time just like when the Derecho hit.

Some people said they would go to local fire departments to get ice to try and keep their food fresh. A generator could save the day, but not everyone had one. So some people would open their homes if they did or even let others borrow them if they were small enough. Everyone told 5 News their own story, but here's what one man had to say?

"We were only without power at the second storm for only about two hours. So, we were able to take care of the people and take care of the surrounding counties. Myself, I was without power but I live in Buckhannon. It was pretty tough. We got used to cold showers. We were okay and we were alive. There were people that it really devastated. I'll tell you us West Virginians are pretty tough. We're pretty tough people," said David Weese, Shop-N-Save Store Manager. 

You never know when a storm like Sandy could hit so make sure you're prepared. Be sure to have blankets, extra food, water, and flashlights. Flashlights are better than candles because candles are a fire hazard. You can't have just any old food, make sure it's not perishable. Also, have a gallon of water for each person per day. 5 News talked to local 911 officials and they have a tip you may not have thought about.

"I'm also recommending they get an AM radio, yes an old AM radio. Our local AM radio station, Mr. Peters has been wonderful in the past to support us and come on the air and tell people what's going on. That's the best way we have to get the information out to people," said William Rowan, Lewis County 911 Emergency Director. 

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