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Local Schools Are Prepared Any Type of Disaster
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on May 21, 2013 @ 6:39PM
Created on May 21, 2013 @ 5:35PM
The tornado in Oklahoma is truly a tragedy. One of the many buildings that was destroyed was a school, so that got 5 News thinking about the schools around here. Are they prepared for any unexpected emergency, especially if it's weather related?
Every school has to have disaster plan set in case of any type of emergency, including weather related ones.
"You should always be prepared for anything that can happen. If you can have a plan for something like that happening, that's the best situation execute and being prepared for something like that," Johnna Akers, Junior at Lincoln High School.

All schools have something called a code white, that let's everyone know there is a weather emergency.

"Every now and then we get a hurricane that blows this way, tornado forced winds, any kind of emergency where it makes it unsafe for them to be stuck in the classroom next to the windows," said Jamie Hamrick, Prevention Resource Officer.

When students hear that code, they know exactly what to do.

"You go outside your room. you get against the wall and there's no glass. And you just kind of put your hands over your deck while you're kneeling down," said Ryan Hamrick, 3rd grader at Johnson Elementary.

Each school has fire drills every month, but they have what are called "code" drills throughout the year.

"They practice this in every school so by the time they get to high school they know perfectly well what to do," said Officer Jamie Hamrick.
"It's just kind of second nature to get out there. Kindergarten, first grade. We really learned at a young age what to do they really taught us well," Ryan Sprouse," said Junior at Bridgeport High School.

Most schools just have the kids get into the hallway, but other areas are a little more fortunate.

"I think kids at Lincoln High School are at an advantage because we have that full basement and we can put them there at any time," said Principal Brad Underwood, Lincoln High School.
"Makes me feel safer here because I know if we would have a tornado we would definitely be able to go down there, hide, and take shelter without anyone being harmed," said Akers. 

No matter where you are, the faculty and staff have the same plan.

"The number one priority is keeping the kids safe and that's our number one goal," said Principal Underwood.

Most of the people 5 News spoke with said they never actually lived through a dangerous experience, but it's better to be prepared. Make sure if you're a student or a parent to be familiar with your schools emergency plan.

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