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Millions of Social Media Accounts Hacked
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on December 04, 2013 @ 7:15PM
Created on December 04, 2013 @ 6:34PM

If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail, you might want to check your account. A security firm announced today that millions of passwords have been stolen from those sites and posted online.

It's all because a virus got installed on an unknown number of computers. That virus recorded people's keystrokes while logging in, then sent that information back to the hacker's secure server.

Security experts said a criminal group might be behind the hacking. The stolen information from social media sites can reveal personal information that can then be sold. However, the affected sites have sent notifications to hacked users, telling them to protect their accounts.

WVU communications professor Nick Bowman has a few key steps to staying safe online. He said you should keep things dynamic by changing your password once a month and anytime you get a new device. A lot of people have all their passwords saved on their smart phones and then forget to delete them when they get rid of the phone. It also helps to use words that aren't in English. For a really hard-to-guess password, make up a phrase and then abbreviate it so it doesn't look like a word.

He also said that the accounts that usually get hacked are the ones that stay the same, so stay active, Google yourself, be aware of who you are online. Finally, don't use the same password for Facebook as you would for banking.

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Comments (4)
Dec 06, 2013 at 4:18 PM
I shall address you once more in order to set a few things straight. You missed the major point that nothing in the article had anything whatsoever to do with Obama. To begin, nothing you wrote is fact, but conjecture. You've taken unsubstantiated talking points from Fox or WND or some other right wing "think tank" and posted them here. Second, you didn't even read my point about my loving West Virginia but hating the ignorance. Are we not ignorant? Let us think: Compare the policies of Obama with the policies of Romney. Whose policies would most have benefited West Virginians? The man working for the middle class, or the man working for corporate America? We voted for the latter, Romney. Why? Because West Virginians, instead of looking up facts, believe the baseless talking points from the right's machine. Obama is going to take out guns (you have more gun rights under Obama now); Obama is killing coal (the Clean Air Act was signed in the 1990s and gets more stringent with each president, not to mention there are more coal jobs in WV under Obama than in the last twenty years); Obama is taking our rights (name but one). Furthermore, WV has the least amount of people in the country with a college degree (25.5%). I'll have links at the bottom for reference--something you've not posted.

You should look into the NSA deal a little more closely. The NSA is a rogue organization, not really under the control of anyone--that is to say, it is an independent entity. Add to that, the NSA's ability to spy on people springs from The Patriot Act, and has been condoned by congress since the act's inception. A link below will demonstrate that the NSA has been spying on us since before Obama came into office. Do not get me wrong: I do not condone the NSA and spying, but I do like a little honesty. The IRS Scandal? Wasn't it a Republican at the IRS office who initiated the spying, even later coming out to confess to it? Even Mitch McConnel, one of the biggest Obama haters, admits Obama had nothing to do with it. The ACA (or Obamacare)? Read their Privacy Policy: Higher health insurance? Read to see who gets a subsidy, who gets penalized, who has not lost insurance. I have insurance and mine has not changed a bit. Nothing. Oh, and read the law: Congress, by law, has to enroll in it--just to stop your next talking point. People losing their insurance? That is only half true. These people would lose their current plans if they were to get sick--Obama's law protects that. Yes, people lost their insurance, but they were crappy plans under which they could at any time be dropped. Honesty. Is that too much to ask? What higher taxes? My checks don't reflect that at all. And your comment about "quadruple utility rates coming very soon." More conjecture. Lastly, allow me to point out your own ignorance? One question mark, not two. An ellipses is this . . . not ........ We do not live in England; therefore, when you use quotes, you use a double set "like this" not 'like this.' Ya is not a word to refer to You, especially when debating. Don't mess with the big boys. You lose. WV Education levels: Obama and WV Coal: More Obama and WV Coal: NSA Watch: IRS Scandal: Mitch McConnel denying Obama's role in the IRS scandal: Republican Overreach on IRS:
Dec 06, 2013 at 5:48 AM
The 'rant' you refer to is FACT! Try using some intelligence when responding to FACTS. You can choose to believe the earth is flat; doesn't make it so. Really! WV citizens were smart enough to NOT be deceived by Obama's lies; so I guess that makes you less intelligent than WV citizens, eh? Keep drinking that kool-aid; I see it's really gotten you nowhere, yet you still continue lapping up the lies and deceit, "hoping" for that wonderful utopia of "change" he keeps promising you. Well, guess what? You already have his 'change' and it's higher taxes, quadruple utility rates coming very soon, forced higher healthcare insurance, NOT choosing your own doctors, not choosing to keep your own insurance and he's not done yet. You must be the only person left still 'defending' or trying to defend such a deceitful president. How's that working out for ya?? One more thing....if you hate WV so much, please exit the state's borders. In America, unlike how Obama would like us to be.......we don't FORCE one to stay here!
Dec 05, 2013 at 3:45 PM
In an article about computer hackers that mentions nothing at all about Obama or the ACA, you somehow turned it into a rant about him. Your steady rants about Obama, nearly all of them misplaced, clearly show how ignorant West Virginia is. I love it here, but comments like this show how uninformed you are, especially in the art of rhetoric.
Dec 05, 2013 at 5:57 AM
Gee was it the Obama administrations' NSA again???????? Or the IRS???? Or any number of this administrations 'spies' who think they can spy on innocent law abiding citizens? Not surprised! Obamacare website does the same thing. Collects your private info and has NO security for protecting your privacy. Transparency Obama says......he forgot to tell you the transparency wasn't from your govt; the transparency is Obama opending up YOUR private info obviously.
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