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National Ammunition Shortage Affecting Police Departments
Written by Nicole Porter
Last updated on April 04, 2013 @ 11:34AM
Created on April 04, 2013 @ 6:27PM
A nationwide shortage of ammunition has all types of gun owners searching for bullets.
"It's really hard to find it. Every now and then you'll see they have a few boxes and then it's almost like, people when they hear about it, they call their friends," said Bridgeport resident, Kim Stewart.
Even police departments are left waiting. In the past, getting ammo wasn't such a problem for them.
"I can remember several years ago you were able to order ammo one day and they'd have it shipped to you in a week or two. Now it's extended to anywhere from 12 to 16 months out," said Harrison County Sheriff Albert Marano.
Even though police officers in the area aren't firing their weapons every day, they still have to qualify with all the weapons they carry. This means, departments like Clarksburg may go through 7-thousand rounds for training alone.
"Checking with our distributors and we're out a wait list, that if they do get ammo in that they'll contact us and we'll go pick that ammo up," said Lt. Det. R.L. Hilliard.
It's not welcome news to some gun owners that police departments are also waiting for ammo.
"I don't like that the police are running short. I think that there ought to be enough set aside for police," said Stewart.
However both the Harrison County Sheriff's Department and the Clarksburg Police Department are prepared for quite some time.
"We've tried to stay ahead of it by ordering our ammo at least a year ahead of time so we don't run into a shortage. So, with doing that, it hasn't affected us yet and it hasn't affected our training," said Sheriff Marano.
Clarksburg also has plans in place in case the shortage continues.
"Council has approved us, that if we are able to get ammo, that we can go ahead and secure that ammo before our July budget monies are released so we can make sure that we don't get in any situation where our officers aren't able to do their annual qualification," said Hilliard.
Only time will tell how long the shortage will last.

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Comments (2)
Apr 05, 2013 at 5:48 AM
You can thank the Feds. They have bought more than 2 billions rounds in the last year alone for non-military agencies. They have to have something to guard those fema prisons with. duhh
Apr 04, 2013 at 12:01 AM
Ask Obama 'why' he's buying up ammo and sending to DHHR in charleston, and all the other govt agencies throughout the country. WHY does govt agencies need to stockpile ammo? THAT is the question! Obama and his anti-gun agenda is "intentionally" causing shortages so even if folks have guns they won't get ammo for them. Stinking left progressive liberals must be voted out of office ASAP!
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