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New Drug to Help in Fight Against Meth Problem
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on October 22, 2013 @ 6:59PM
Created on October 22, 2013 @ 5:02PM

The fight against the meth problem may have gotten a little stronger. That's because one company is making it harder for people to use pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients used to make the drug.

Nexafed allows people to get the relief from cold symptoms that other pseduoephedrine products do, but it makes it impossible to crush and use to make meth using a thing called Impede technology.

"When other pseudoephedrine products are used to make methamphetamine, they're usually crushed and then dissolved in either alcohol or water. Then, they do whatever they do to make the methamphetamine product. With this product, once it's crushed and water is added to it, it becomes a sticky, gel-like substance that makes it absolutely impenetrable. It cannot be made into the methamphetamine products," said Amanda Smith, director of the Health Facilities Pharmacies. 

Local police departments have to deal with a lot of these cases. Some say if this could be a mainstream product, it could help curb the problem.

"If you can eliminate the ephedrine, that is what they're truly utilizing to get the meth. The ephedrine is actually the main ingredient for it. If you don't have ephedrine, you don't have meth," said Deputy Rodney Rolenson, Upshur County Sheriff's Department.

The upside to this product is that it treats your symptoms like other products, even with the Impede technology included.

"It contains pseudoephedrine 30 milligrams. Pseudoephedrine 30 milligrams is the same you would find in any other, classic Sudafed type product. It's therapeutically the same thing. The Impede technology has nothing in it that would cause any side effects or any ill effects to the patient that would want to use this," said Smith. 

For the Heath Facilities Pharmacies in Randolph and Tucker Counties, carrying this product is the right decision.

"Patients need this for their classic cold, cough, and flu symptoms. Our answer is to find this product and carry this product basically, so our patients have what they need for the therapy they need to treat the problems that they're having, but it's also helping out our community, keeping our community safe, and not contributing to the methamphetamine manufacturers in our communities," said Smith. 

You'll still have to show I.D. to purchase Nexafed at the pharmacies.

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