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Playstation 4 Video Game Console Released
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on November 15, 2013 @ 7:46PM
Created on November 15, 2013 @ 7:38PM

People all over the country waited in line for hours on Thursday night so they could get their hands on the new Playstation 4.

Gamers with early access couldn't wait to try out the new system which was on a limited release. 

"It's the first chance for us to be the first ones to get to play it and test it out. You also get to make your friends jealous that you got it first," said video gamer Kevin Rowan.

Stores nationwide have already sold out, but are the systems as popular as they used to be? Many wonder if the early success will continue into the holiday season for not only the PS4, but also the new Xbox system set to release next week. 

Some believe video game violence could hurt business, but some media experts disagree.

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is a Communications Professor at WVU. She said, "I would be very skeptical of anything that suggests video game violence is on the decline."

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are some of the major players when it comes to the gaming industry. If anything is giving these companies a run for their money it's more than likely the emergence of mobile gaming on smart phones and tablets. 

Mobile gaming is becoming more popular partially because of its low cost and easy accessibility.

"You can be standing in line at the grocery store and continue your game. You don't actually have to be in one physical location in order to have these really immersive experiences," said Cohen.

Kevin Dunn used to play video games more often when he was younger, but now he prefers games on his mobile device. He said, "It's just a lot easier. It's like you have everything right in your palm all the time." 

A new PS4 costs about $400 and the average game costs roughly $60.

Some people believe the hype is still there like it was in the past, but mobile gaming is having an impact on the industry. 

"The hype is still there but I also think mobile games are getting a lot more hype than they used to," said video gamer Michael Moses.

Some are wondering if the rise in mobile gaming signals the end video game console dominance. Experts believe the systems won't go anywhere anytime soon, but how we use them may change. Many systems have features including group chat capabilities or even television streaming components.

"As we start adding more features onto these game consoles what may happen is we'll still continue to use them, but maybe we won't be using them just for video games anymore," said Cohen.

Sales figures aren't out yet, but if the early interest was a sign of what to expect the gaming industry is poised to do well this holiday shopping season.

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