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President Stresses Economy, Education in State of the Union
Written by Your 5News Team
Created on January 29, 2014 @ 12:03AM

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama said this is the year to get things done: immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, and improving education opportunities for all Americans. He wants to speed up growth and build a ladder to the middle class.

The president started Tuesday night's speech off with a series of stories of Americans "doing their part" to make our country strong: educators improving graduation rates, business people creating jobs, and workers reducing our dependence on foreign oil. His focus started in the economy, which has been steadily improving under his watch. Natural gas and manufacturing jobs are giving us an edge, but to really grow the economy and cut the deficit, Obama says we need sweeping immigration reform to bring more workers in who want to build a life here.

Obama wants to provide quality training and education to America's workers, starting earlier in pre-school, and continuing that through to affordable student loans for college students. For our workforce he wants a higher minimum wage to combat growing inequality, especially among women, and he's starting a new program for middle class families to save for retirement. Obama declared he is not afraid to act alone, and will sign executive orders when he can.

Obama closed his speech by saying America has never come easy, but with dedication, success is within our reach.

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Comments (1)
Jan 29, 2014 at 6:29 AM
LOL. Obama's 'ladder to the middle class' just keeps getting cut....rung by rung. His own policies/mandates have done nothing but harm the middle class working people along with the working poor also. No one is doing better after 5 years of empty promises. I think people are just about fed up with all the deceit.

FYI Mr. President; doesn't do one iota of good to graduate more people from colleges with degrees if they have to flip burgers in a fast food place. After 5 years of promises of jobs, jobs, jobs....his policies keep sending more jobs overseas or shuts them down permanently. Instead of focusing on his own liberal socialist anti-gun, anti-free speech agendas, he should be focusing on our ever-increasing deficit and ever-decreasing job situation. But he hasn't and he won't. That is perfectly clear to everyone. Empty promises. I expect no more from this administration than what we've already seen. Priorities are not in his vocabulary. His priorities are not equal to most citizens' priorities. Clueless and incompetence are two words that describe this administration. They still just don't get it. WHy focus on college graduates when there are no jobs available??? Putting the cart before the horse I'd say! Geez. With Obama's anti-business one wants to start a business here anymore. Taxing businesses more and more takes away from the capability of using that money to hire more workers or give current workers more raises. Govt doesn't care; they want more and more. LESS govt helps people. MORE govt harms people. A lesson we've 'felt' over past 5 years!!!
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