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Psychologist Gives Theory on Neese's Death
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on May 02, 2013 @ 7:18PM
Created on May 02, 2013 @ 6:18PM
The big question with the murder of Skylar Neese is why? We don't have an answer from Rachel Shoaf, the girl who pleaded guilty to killing her best friend. Thursday 5 News talked to a Psychologist to see what he thought about this incident.

Dr. Don Worth, from the Family & Marital Counseling Center in Lewis County, said there are three different parts to violence that we need to look at to understand how it works: biological, social, and psychological.

He said it all starts biologically or having to do with how our brain and our body works. There's a threat system we have that you may know as flight or fight. Basically when something happens you either flee to save your life or fight for it. Dr. Worth said when your body has that reaction it can't tell the difference between an actual life and death situation and something that just may hurt your feelings. Whether someone upsets you by a comment or is holding a gun to your head, the same flight or fight response is triggered.
The second is social, which can occur when you feel a disconnect from people or something as simple as threatening eye contact. The last aspect is psychological, one part of that is frustration tolerance because when you aren't taught when you're young how to accept things that don't go your way it can cause you to blow things out of proportion. Dr. Worth said when you have a deep relationship with someone and your flight or fight response is triggered, it hits twice as hard.
"Feelings from all the times I've been abandoned are right there fresh as day one and they're all compiled nice and neatly. Now, they open up and it's a huge feeling which in someways needs a huge reaction. So if you struck someone nerves and we're in a deep relationship there's real risks to that," said Dr. Worth.

He said the first step is understanding how are brain reacts to things and hopefully that will give us some answers. He said it's extremely hard to understand the reasoning of someone's actions. Skylar's dad gave us some advice that will hopefully help you.
"To all those teens out there. Watch who your friends are, watch who you hang around with. When your mom and dad tell you something they're not telling you because they like to talk. They're telling you for a reason and this is the reason. It does happen in small towns. It does happen in small communities and it does happen right here in Morgantown, West Virginia. So please, my God, listen to your parents," said Dave Neese

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