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Should Bradley Manning Get a Presidential Pardon?
Written by Phyllis Smith
Last updated on September 07, 2013 @ 11:43PM
Created on September 07, 2013 @ 5:16PM

Before Edward Snowden leaked NSA information, there was Bradley Manning. He's serving 35 years for giving away classified military information to Wkileaks.

Now, he's asking for pardon from the president.

Manning leaked military information while working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq three years ago. Many people across the nation are fired up about his request.

The White House said his appeal for a presidential pardon would be considered like any other. Manning now goes by the name Chelsea. He's planning on getting hormone therapy in prison to start living life as a woman. 

He signed his petition with his legal name though. Officials said the pardon would have to be under the name Bradley, not Chelsea, for it to be official.

Some people said why would Manning ask for a pardon when he doesn't seem to have regard for the government?

Upshur County resident James Carpenter said, "I served in the military and there's no way I would ever do anything like that. I don't even think he should try to get one because he knows he did wrong. I think we've got bigger fish to fry."

Others said they don't think Manning did anything wrong.

John Humphrey said, "The public has the right to know what they're spending their tax money on and where our money's going. I think he has the right to be pardoned."

Upshur County resident Levina Norris said, "I think people should be able to know what's really going on. He seems like a good guy. I don't think he really did anything that bad. "

Manning leaked the largest amount of classified information in US history. He's also gotten the longest sentence for someone who's exposed military secrets.

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Comments (1)
Sep 08, 2013 at 3:51 AM
Assange, Manning and Snowdon are whistleblowers. Perhaps Mr. Carpenter is pleased to know that his bank transactions, medical records etc are now fair game for criminals, thanks to our Govt.
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