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Should Kids Get Ear Tubes?
Written by Lindsey Watson
Last updated on July 10, 2013 @ 12:30PM
Created on July 08, 2013 @ 6:54PM

Parents of young children you're probably all to familiar with constant ear aches, and infections that aggravate your little ones.

For many young children ear tubes may be the best treatment. But, until now there has been no guidelines to advise doctors, or parents on which child should or shouldn't receive them.

These new guidelines were written by a joint effort between a panel of specialists educated in pediatrics.

They address the need for ear tubes in children up to the age of 12. According these new guidelines, children who have frequent ear infections that hold fluid in the ear are candidates for ear tubes.

However, children who don't have this fluid build up are not. This means that kids who suffer from ear aches, or infections for longer than three months in a year are likely to have this procedure done.

Local pediatricians says its important to determine between the kids whose infections clear up completely, and the ones that hold onto the fluid that causes them pain.

"There are different reasons why we do that. Number one, is if it is effecting their hearing. Sometimes they'll want to put tubes in ears in
younger kids if they are getting frequent ear infections or frequent fluid on their ear, and its effecting their hearing, because that can effect
their development and their speech." said Mary Ann Krool, Pediatrician

Pediatricians also say that children should not be able to feel the tubes while they have them, and over time they should fall out on their own.

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