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State Police Arrest 67 for DUI During Blitz
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on March 05, 2013 @ 7:45PM
Created on March 05, 2013 @ 2:06PM
SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A statewide blitz by West Virginia State Police resulted in 67 arrests for driving under the influence and 352 traffic citations.
Spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous said Tuesday that troopers also arrested two fugitives, and made 54 felony arrests and 91 misdemeanor arrests.
Twenty-three people were charged with driving on a revoked license for DUI. Fifty-three people received citations for speeding.
Troopers conducted the campaign Friday through Sunday.
State police Supt. Col. Jay Smithers says 67 DUI arrests in one weekend are disheartening.
Smithers say efforts to educate the public on the hazards of driving under the influence must continue.
The following activity was reported:
Actual Traffic Citations Issued:  352
Warning Traffic Citations Issued:  1767
DUI Arrests:  67
Misdemeanor Arrests:  91
Felony Arrests:  54
Arrests for Driving on a Revoked License for DUI:  23
Citations Issued for Driving Suspended:  53
Fugitives Arrested:  2

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Comments (3)
Mar 06, 2013 at 10:22 AM
Agree with the poster below this one. And it just irks me to no end that you can see these so called people unable (they say) to find a job or work, collecting welfare or partial help, running all day and half a night up and down the roads on their 4-wheelers, having a blast while the rest of us have to work and support ourselves and can't even 'afford' such a 'toy' because not only do we have to support our own families....but we are supporting frauds and lazy useless folks like these that 'use and abuse' the system. And don't tell me that DHHR workers are not well aware of it. The big storm we got this past year when power was out for a week or more to most of us in WV...I personally know that one person who for the FIRST time in their lives had to get help for a job loss...went in to DHHR as our current Governor felt the need to let them get re-issued another months foodstamps for their loss of food during the storm and the social worker herself kept "reminding" her that if she signed and stated she lost MORE than she 'honestly' stated.....she'd get the entire amount again. So until we 'investigate' govt workers who are 'helping' to defraud taxpayers and their money......this problem doesn't get resolved. Govt IS the problem! Politicians USE this as a VOTE-GETTER. How utterly sleazy they are to 'buy' their votes with taxpayer-funded FOODSTAMPS!
Mar 06, 2013 at 1:19 AM
I would be willing to bet that if you did a survey and checked, that the majority of these people arrested are on welfare funded by the state. So that would mean that our tax dollars are funding these people's habits and also allowing them the time to go out and get in all this trouble. Our state is in bad need of an overhaul of our welfare system. It has become a "way of life" for way too many people, people that are physically able to work (and then people who are physically unable to work have to fight for the help they get---but thats a whole other issue) Children of welfare recipients grow up thinking thats the way it's supposed to be living on welfare, and so on and so on. The states drug and alcohol problem is going to continue to get worse and worse unless an overhaul takes place. And as far as "educating" them on the hazards of driving under the influence, a person has to actually care that they might cause physical harm or death to someone else first-----and growing up and thinking it is ok to spend your life sponging off the residents of the state and collecting your welfare check is not going to teach anybody anything except disrespect for themselves and everybody else....Wake up lawmakers!!!
Mar 05, 2013 at 3:59 PM
Smithers say efforts to educate the public on the hazards of driving under the influence must continue. Really? So just staying on the goal of TALKING about it you think might help? You can talk till you're blue in the face.......alcoholics do not listen. STRICTER jail time for FIRST offense DUI!!! ACTION speaks louder than words. I'd think our legislators would know that by now after years of so-called "education talks about dangers of drinking & driving." Yeah, as usual it's NOT working.
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