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Study: 20 Young People Hospitalized Daily For Gun Injuries
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on January 29, 2014 @ 4:44PM
Created on January 28, 2014 @ 2:32PM

According to a new study, 20 young people are hospitalized every day because of a gun related incident. According to CBS News, the research, which was published on Jan. 27 in Pediatrics, looked at a nationally-representative sample of hospitalizations at more than 4,000 medical centers that occurred in 2009 for children and adolescents under 20 years of age.

Almost one child or teen is injured every hour by a firearm. Despite the the declining rates over the past decade, firearm injures are still the second leading cause of death for teens.

The damage caused by gun-related injuries rarely gets attention compared to fatalities, but these children usually require a lot of follow up treatment whether it be physical or mental help. This study showed the rates were highest for teens ages 15 to 19 and for children under 10, 75% of the hospitalizations were due to unintentional injuries.

The American Academy of Pediatrics' says the safest home for children and teens is one without guns. If there are guns in the home, they should be stored unloaded and locked with the ammo locked in a separate place. 5 News talked to people in the area about this and they said it all goes back to education.

"I just think there should be a lot more education with kids. You need to protect your guns and put them away, but at the same time if they know what they're doing around guns the chances of an accident are a lot less," said Mike Heaster, Doddridge County Resident. 

5 News talked to a local gun shop owner and he said it's best to store it unloaded and locked up.

"Every hand gun that's sold in the United States, that's sold new, a locking device has to be provided with the gun. That's federal law," said Eric Satterfield, Owner of Defender Arms Gun Shop.

On top of that, with every sale each customer is supposed to get a pamphlet called The Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice. In that has rules and regulations to make sure incidents don't happen.

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Comments (1)
Jan 29, 2014 at 6:05 AM
Boy, they never stop with the made-up numbers to justify their goal of gun control in this nation do they? Yeah, sure, I'm gonna believe a liberally slanted anti-gun CBS news 'research' (questionable!) study! KNOW THE SOURCE of your info is of utmost importance; they have an 'agenda.' And that agenda is to remove all guns from all law-abiding citizens in this nation; disregarding our RIGHT to defend ourselves and our property from those criminals that do NOT obey laws. For some reason they think criminals will obey their anti-gun laws. They won't and they don't. Look at all the states run by liberals with strict gun regulations; they have increased gun violence over those not restrictive. But hey, let's not let FACTS get in the way of the liberal agenda, right???

FACT: More children drown in swimming pools than get killed by guns! So should we 'ban' all swimming pools? Make a law against 'swimming' in lakes and oceans? The liberals would! Liberal logic would have us blaming farm equipment manufacturer if our crops failed. Liberal logic would have us blaming maker of sewing needles if we pricked our finger with our needles. Liberal logic is the reason we have stupid instructions such as "remove before driving" on our sun shades put on our window on our vehicles. Yes, liberalism throws all common sense out that window! This article is liberal 'propaganda.' Real research shows BOTH sides of an issue. Where's all the statistics where owning a gun has SAVED a child's life because I can give you THOUSANDS of those stories that ended well because of guns to defend someone from violent criminals. Gun control is not going to happen in America; we won't tolerate it!!!
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