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The Next 'Big Ideas' in Technology
Written by Lindsey Watson
Last updated on December 23, 2013 @ 7:00PM
Created on December 23, 2013 @ 6:46PM

If you've ever stopped and thought about it, we are creating history each and everyday, and the next big thing could be right around the corner. Or it could start at the turn of the new year.

So what are some of the next big advances in technology that we can expect to see now, and within the next few years?

Well here's a question you might want to ask yourself, where do ideas come from and what's coming next? From fold away tablet screens, to self driving cars, to drone technology, every day we're one step closer to the next big thing. Many of these ideas are already taking off, but others never take flight.

We don't always know the importance of them when we see it for the first time, but we recognize them in hindsight. Some change the world, and some make our lives easier. Either way there no denying their impact.

The mobile revolution is already winning the advancement war, but what if those devices we can't live without came with flexible screens?

"Every six months you don't know what's going to be out six months from now, and just look at what you already have today. Just look at tablets, they've gotten smaller, they've gotten bigger, they've gotten faster; smarter." said Scott Johnson, West Virginia High Tech I.T. Manager.

That may be the next step that some already expect but for others things like self driving cars are only useful in cartoons.

"The tablet idea is pretty cool being about to fold it up like a newspaper and put it in your pocket like a real newspaper," said Craig Stewart.

But self driving technology already exists and is becoming a fast reality.

"I actually thought we would have this sort of stuff by now, but maybe that's just because of things like the Flintstones where they thought by the year 2000 we would have flying cars," said Michelle Ross.

"They already have this technology over in Germany. They have already researched it, there's some of the Mercedes' that already have them, but you can only get them over seas," said Mike Cottrill, Parts Sales Manager at Auto Zone in Bridgeport.

Speaking of driver less vehicles, drones have a bad reputation, but that technology is picking up speed.

"It basically allows you to cover a large area without using too much man power," said Thomas Macauley, Manager of Computer Crime at the National White Collar Crime Center.

That's not as scary as it might sound. In fact, it could be a useful thing, for many reasons.

"Once it becomes regulated, hopefully by 2015,  I think it will be helpful. It has been beneficial to law enforcement, and it will continue to be," said Macauley.

Still, some remain skeptical. "I watch too many movies on TV and I think of the bad aspect of it. I'm not thinking of what good it could bring," said Jenny Hinerman.

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