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The Positives of Owning a Firearm
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on February 11, 2013 @ 1:06PM
Created on February 09, 2013 @ 7:48PM
"You really have to get past that perspective of the fear of firearms," said Ed Kelly, a gun safety instructor.
That's why Kelly teaches gun safety courses, which is required if you're going to apply for a concealed weapons permit. He says there's a lot of positives to owning a gun, like recreational activities and family tradition.
"The aspect of shooting firearms was something I did with my dad and brother when I was very young. You can take enjoyment from it."

Gun owner Bradley Gainer agreed. "It's time to spend outside. It's a family activity with me and my daughter, and it's been kind of like a family tradition."
But most people who take the safety class, do it for self-defense reasons.  Kelly said, after they've mastered the most important aspect- safety, they'll be held more accountable for actions they take with a gun.
"Being a member of the community, you're not only obligated to protect yourself, but because you are a responsible armed citizen, you're now obligated to protect those around you as well."
Gun issues have been one of the most dividing issues in Congress and with the public.
Lately, it's become even more controversial with all the public shootings. This had lead President Obama to propose some new rules when it comes to guns.
Kelly said, "I don't like the idea of restricting something just for the idea of restricting it. Because it has a stigmatism attached to it, because someone labels it as bad. I don't think they should use that as a basis to draft legislation."
Some of that legislation will be to put limits on big ammunition clips, ban assault weapons, and the one that's most likely to pass congress: universal background checks, something Kelly doesn't really have a problem with. But, some do.
Bradley Gainer said, "I can't say I agree with all Americans having a broader background check. The thing is, you're restricting my rights under the Second Amendment, which I don't really appreciate."
Gun control advocates will be fighting for Obama's proposed laws, while gun owners hope they keep in mind the up sides of owning one.

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