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Veteran: Guns Are Not the Problem
Written by Nicole Porter
Last updated on January 03, 2013 @ 6:47PM
Created on January 03, 2013 @ 6:33PM
Retired Air Force Reserves Loadmaster Jeffrey Moore reacted the same way the majority of people did when he heard that 26 people were shot dead at a school in Connecticut. 
"Shocked to say the least. That's wrong. It was upsetting," he said.
But he's not a supporter of gun control. Moore, who actually doesn't own any guns except for a World War II rifle handed down from a family member, thinks some politicians act too quickly and against the wrong thing.
"It always seems to be an attack against the legal gun owners and it's never against the crime or the criminals themselves," expressed Moore.
While guns are a major factor in murders, he said a lot of other things are tools to kill.
"If you look at statistics, there's so many other ways murders are committed in this country. There's no bills restricting access to ball bats or the poisoning, all of which are legally accessed over the shelves," described the veteran.
He referenced the killings going on in Rwanda when he went there in the 90s.
"There they killed, not with guns but with machetes, swords, 800,000 people within a matter of three months," he said.
So what does Moore see as a solution rather than strict gun control?
"A better education. Better inform the public that not everybody with a gun is a criminal. Most are just normal everyday people, your neighbors, everyone around you," he said.
Moore believes people need to pay attention to other's problems before it's too late.
"It's always the individual that does something wrong. The item is inanimate. In and of itself, it can't do anything on its own," said Moore.


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