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Winter Weather Plows WVDOT Over Annual Snow Removal Budget
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on March 25, 2013 @ 6:58PM
Created on March 25, 2013 @ 4:05PM
Monday's snow is dragging winter weather into spring and it's costing the Department of Transportation a pretty penny.

This year, the north-central region has received between 40 and 70 inches, or more, of snow than last year, particularly in Preston County. Between the June Derecho, Superstorm Sandy and numerous other snow days, the DOT is now in a financial bind. The department is already about $1.2 million over budget and that's going to cause problems with roads repairs for the rest of the year.
"The problem with the snows that we've had this year, instead of having the big snows, we've had so many little snows. Two, four, six, eight inches. Those events cost as much as whether you have two inches or two feet. It's a situation where you spend the same amount of money plowing it off," said Greg Phillips, WVDOT District Manager.

DOT officials estimate Monday's snow will cost around $40-50,000, with close to $20,000 of that in Preston County alone.

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Comments (2)
Mar 26, 2013 at 12:02 PM
Deja Moo: The feeling we've heard this "bull" before.

The 'only' way they could be over budget is if the state did NOT budget them enough to begin with. We had NO more snow than we get "normally" in a winter. In fact, look back and you'll see this year had no 'excess' or 'abnormally higher snow amounts' than what the state of WV is supposed to get in the winter. And we normally always got a late winter/early spring blizzard; which this one is NOT!! Some liberal politician wants some more taxes raised....hmm....let's see....I'd say this is Senator (soon to be fired) Manchin's work. It's got his handwriting all over it. Manchin wants an Infrastructure Bank---YES, of all the Manchin wants the taxpayers of WV to pay taxes to support an Infrastructure BANK to pay for the roads/bridges, etc....So JOE......where's the road and bridge money going to now???????? Come on WDTV........where's your reporters? It appears average citizens know more about this than you do. Professionals? Pfft! INVESTIGATE!
Mar 25, 2013 at 9:32 PM
And how many of us believe this bull. Preston county Yes, they have been blasted, but they are blasted every year , year after year, should be in their budget. Does not cost the same to plow 2 inches of snow against 8 inches of snow. On my road to the main road here in Fairmont, I could put all the ciders in the back of my short bed truck they spread all winter. I could get it done faster with a garden tractor and a blade on the front then taylor county . Stop buying this mountaineers they are still squandering our tax dollars to pay for more gasoline to keep their trucks heaters going while the DOH sits in them.
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