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Woman Sent to Jail for Probation Violation of Animal Cruelty Charges
Written by Nicole Porter
Created on June 13, 2013 @ 11:12PM
A woman who faced multiple animal cruelty charges found out Thursday that she will be spending some time behind bars.
Virginia Rockwell was charged earlier this year after Harrison County Sheriff's Department deputies found some dead horses and nearly 30 emaciated ones on her property.
Rockwell had previously pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges for dogs; because of that, she was not allowed to have animals on her property.
On Thursday, a judge sentenced Rockwell to 60 days in jail for violating terms of probation on two cruelty charges she pleaded guilty to in March. 

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Comments (1)
Jun 15, 2013 at 11:34 AM
I find it strange that people get so worked up over cruelty to a dog or a horse yet they ignore the FACT that TRAPPING is the most cruel thing that can happen to an animal and it is LEGAL! Think being tied out with not enough food and water is bad, try having your leg in a TRAP and being exposed to the elements with no food or water AND in great pain! Then some thug comes along and bashes your brains out and this is LEGAL! How about "coon hunting"? Oh it's okay to terrorize raccoons, run them all over the countryside with a pack of dogs, make the Moms and babies get separated from each other and then have some goon shoot you down out of the tree because he thinks it's FUN! WHERE Is all the outrage for THAT CRUELTY??? Do people really think that DOGS and HORSES are the only animals that can feel pain and terror? Not saying what this lady did was right but what's up with this glaring DOUBLE STANDARD when it comes to cruelty? Why are some forms of barbarous cruelty perfectly legal while everyone gets outraged by other forms of cruelty? Why are we such HYPOCRITES???
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