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Hearing Loss in Teenagers & Young Adults is Increasing
Written by Erin MacPherson
Last updated on April 27, 2013 @ 9:26AM
Created on April 25, 2013 @ 5:51PM
Hearing loss is a common problem in older adults, but what about in teenagers and younger adults? Most people don't realize but 1 in 5 teens suffer from hearing problems.  
More and more young people are losing their hearing everyday, but is it really that surprising? How many times do you hear someone else's music blaring from their car or their headphones? You may think it's harmless, but in fact it's damaging your ears.

A specialist told 5 News that loud noise is the number one reason young people have hearing problems. With the rise in technology, it makes it so easy to listen to music for hours and on full blast. But, a good tip is to use the 60-60 rule. Whenever you decide to listen to music, put the volume at 60 percent of its max and only listen to it for 60 minutes. Music isn't the only issue, going to concerts can affect you're hearing and even if you work outside, the sound of a lawn mower can be damaging. The Audiologist at hi HealthInnovations said you need to act now because once you damage your ears they can't be fixed.
"The problems going to get worse just because the fact if people don't take preventative steps. Knowledge is power and I would rather see prevention than I would see these staggering numbers continue to rise," said Dr. Joilyn Bush, Audiologist.
Hearing loss can cause learning problems, self esteem issues, and can affect your health.

What can be done if someone already has a hearing problem? The most helpful thing is to use a hearing aid. 48 million Americans have hearing issues and almost all of them could benefit from using hearing aids, but only 15 percent do. The main misconception is that hearing aids are so expensive, but companies are willing to help you out.
If you know someone who has a hearing problem, the worst thing you can do is to raise your voice because when you talk louder it just distorts the noise.
  • Get the persons attention before you start speaking to them
  • Make sure there is nothing covering your mouth
  • Face the person
  • Slow down
For more information, click here. You can contact Dr. Bush directly at 304-624-7200 ext. 3174 or email her at jbush1@uhc.com.

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Comments (1)
May 07, 2013 at 6:56 PM
Great article. Hearing loss is a fast growing problem, especially among the younger population. Here's an article that explores what sounds people begin to miss when they first experience hearing loss:

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