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Marijuana Could be Used for Medical Reasons in WV
Written by Your 5News Team
Last updated on November 16, 2012 @ 11:32PM
Created on November 15, 2012 @ 4:57PM
Marijuana used to be banned all across the United States. But last week on election day, everything changed. The state of Washington and Colorado have made national headlines when voters gave marijuana the O.K to be legal for recreational use. Now, 18 states allow it for medical reasons. Could the Mountain State do the same?
Prescription drug abuse is a disease to our communities. A local delegate has proposed a bill that would use medical marijuana to potentially cut back on the use of many types of pills. Not only that, but regulated sales would fund programs to help addicts.
"We have things like pharmaceutical companies," said Joe Rogan, a celebrity. "I mean pharmaceutical companies are basically legal drug dealers." 
He isn't worried about your blood pressure or antibiotic medicines they provide, it's the addictive pain killers that he's got a problem with. Those pills are responsible for killing around 15,000 Americans every year.
"This state is currently in the grip of a opiate addiction epidemic. There's no question about that. It's a big concern," said Dr. Paul Clancy, an emergency room physician.
Some experts say there's a plant that can be ingested, and could lower the amount of people who use pills made in a lab. 
"Cannabis has several advantages over opiates for the management of pain. There's no possibility of a lethal overdose," said Dr. Clancy.
According to numerous studies, a wide variety of illnesses can be treated. It can be beneficial for those suffering from HIV or AIDS, glaucoma, alcoholism, migraines, mood disorders, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, severe to mild pain, Parkinson's disease, asthma, chemotherapy, and many more.
"It's a life saver. A life saver. The medication prescribed to me by doctors who were doing the best they understood how to do debilitated me. Made me completely unable to function. Marijuana relieved those problems that were caused by the medications that were given to me for the epilepsy, and helps with the epilepsy," explained Ken Robidoux, a college professor who's worried he may lose his job after our interview. "Two doctors in California encouraged me to try marijuana and it took a year before I finally did. But it provided nearly instantaneous relief."
Right now, there's 18 states plus Washington, D.C. with medical marijuana legislation on the books. State Delegate Mike Manypenny is trying to get his legislation heard.
"I am totally against the legalization of marijuana for recreational drug. This is only for medicinal purposes," he said.
Representative David McKinley said he doesn't know much about the subject but he's worried about abuses that could occur. "Quite frankly I would hope that the state would reject that," he said.
Senator Joe Manchin said it should be up to those who treat patients to make that decision. "I would lean more to listen to the doctors - the professionals who are responsible for our health."
Marijuana is still illegal as far as the federal government is concerned. It's a Schedule I Narcotic, meaning it currently has no accepted medical use.
Click here and answer our poll, "Would you vote for medical marijuana in WV?"

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Comments (14)
Apr 25, 2013 at 2:48 PM
LOL. IF marijuana isn't addicting.........why are you all trying to hard to get it "legalized?" And why would you all be getting caught with it?? Only useless to society potheads think it's okay to get high on pot. I think these 'users' own life and lack of one that is useful, proves the opposite of this persons twisted logic!
Apr 24, 2013 at 8:15 PM
I think Marijuana should be legalized in wv, its not's not a addicting drug, it helps eye site, calms your nerves, makes you concentrate better at anything your doing, so yes I vote YES more Marijuana to be legalized in West Virginia..
Feb 06, 2013 at 3:57 PM
Since the subject was Medical Marijuana; may be that medical marijuana can help an old guy with PTSD since a mortar attack in August 1966. I support legalization, taxation and control as alcohol is. Yes I would vote for medical marijuana in WV.
Dec 04, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Lol. Laughing because of the response to my response. It's ridiculous that you all use the 'excuse' that well, so what if they smoke pot and drive your kids to school; they're probably already drinking or doing bath salts anyway. Common sense in this generation is obsolete. Logic is something they've never had to deal with. Intelligent thinking is apparently a thing of the past. It's really sad as this generation continues to follow the road of immorality and no moral compass to follow. Oh well, success in life will not be a problem for those who goes this route in life. No one lives a good long productive life stoned out of their heads. I would think we've had enough 'instances' on this website to prove that. Enjoy your trip.
Dec 03, 2012 at 1:34 PM
Before you make comments about "pothead logic", please do some research. So you're worried that school bus drivers may be smoking themselves to oblivion? This just shows ignorance on the part of WV residents. Your children's bus driver could already be an alcoholic driving under the influence. You do realize that Harrison county WV is the top location in the United States for bath salts abuse, correct? Again, do more research, as it appears you know absolutely nothing. Chances are your children's teachers, bus drivers, custodians, babysitters etc., are all already using bath salts! NOW THAT IS SCARY! And in case you haven't realized, alcohol has been destroying lives and families forever, not to mention the people hooked on pain medication, selling their belongings to afford one more pill that they just can't live without, not to mention that they can't afford to seek treatment for their addictions! Marijuana is a natural plant that God put on this earth, and I believe everything He put here, He did so for a purpose. It has medicinal value. Cannot be overdosed. You know, I once felt the same way that you do. But now that I am a more informed person, I feel differently about it. I have never smoked it in my life, but I know people that have and I have seen the results, and I must say I would rather see people smoking 'pot' than snorting bath salts and hydrocodones! One more thing; if you think that legalizing medical marijuana is going to influence kids one way or another, think again. I know kids that have used it since they were 13 years old.. Kids typically do what you tell them is BAD for them. If it was labeled as "MEDICINE", they would be more likely to see it as such.
Nov 30, 2012 at 2:23 PM
Do you worry that the bus driver, teacher, doctor is drunk? I think that if you are sick enough to need medical marijuana you probably won't be working in those fields. My Dad suffered terribly from his chemo and if his Dr. had offered him marijuana that would have given any amount of relief I would have been all for it!
Nov 28, 2012 at 3:27 PM
The irony is, hemp for industrial purposes is already legal in this state subject to approval of the DEA. Beyond that, it is a proven fact that cannabis (marijuana) in a concentrated form has been shown to cure cancer in addition to its many other medical uses. Also, look at the economies of Washington, Colorado, Oregon and California and how they have benefited from simply the medical use of this substance. It is time to leave regressive ignorance based policy behind, move forward and accept the reality that marijuana for all of it uses is going to be legalized in this country. We can follow or we can lead.
Nov 26, 2012 at 10:05 PM
No matter how twisted the potheads' logic gets, they show no logic at all. Can't even believe this is even being spoke about much less voted on. Guess parents better start driving their kids to school as your bus drivers, teachers, doctors or anyone else may be smoking themselves into oblivion right before your kids enter the bus, the classroom or the operating room. Oh what a bunch of immoral, radical left running our country and states at this time. When will the others wake up, vote and kick them out before all the degenerates take over everything?!?! I've never seen one pothead who could be counted on to be useful for anything, including taking care of their own children, much less keep a job. This country is going down the drain with most leaders glorifying immorality and chastising morals. Would not want to be in any of these degenerates' shoes for any amount of money. They are building their own demise. It's just a matter of time.
Nov 26, 2012 at 5:10 AM
That is exactly how a pothead would talk. You all toke up and then complain about how it should be legal. Everyone I ever know that smoked pot always burned one then complained how it needed to be legal. It needs to be destroyed along with cigarettes. Sober up people and make a difference in this world.
Nov 17, 2012 at 4:09 PM
Mountaineer for Marijuana: you are a right on. As are the rest of the commenters. So well said. WV could benefit in so many ways from this. Colorado, Washington and California are ahead of the game on this. California is well known for its wine industry (as is neighboring Virginia). In CA, wine is the Number 2 cash crop there. What's number 1? Marijuana.. and it's not even technically legal for recreational purposes there yet. WV can lead an economic, educational, and medical renaissance in Appalachia if the politicians and the public take action like you say. The Mountain State is already ignored by Washington politicians and media.. Let's get some attention for Mountaineers! I say legalize and regulate -- tax it for recreational use like wine/liquor/beer/tobacco, and limit the tax burden for patients who have medical prescriptions from their doctors (or exempt them altogether). Then put the tax revenue towards education and healthcare. I would love to help, please like my facebook page and lets connect: ...
Nov 16, 2012 at 11:35 AM
I am one of the founders of Mountaineers for Marijuana. Our mission is to reform marijuana laws in West Virginia, and replace them with a system of legalization, taxation , and regulation. Also, to educate Mountaineers about the horrors of prohibition and to inform them of their rights and powers to change the law through activism. As a nurse, I have seen the consequences of narcotic addiction on mothers and newborns and it is an epidemic. In my 10 years of nursing, I have yet to have a case of an addicted baby. Do I condone marijuana use during pregnancy? No! But there are more risks with smoking cigarettes than marijuana. My intent is not to say, "Everyone should go and smoke some weed", although some people probably should as they would definitely benefit! I don't condone smoking marijuana all day in front of your kids, but in reality, people drink in front of their kids and that is much worse in my opinion. Our society seems to think it's ok to drink a few beers after work, have a couple of glasses of wine, take a couple of percocet when in pain, take a Xanax to relax, all which can impair and all which are highly addictive. Our country has spent 1.5 trillion dollars on the war on drugs over the past 40 years and the availability and use has remained completely stable. This is an epic failure. Many are prosecuted and imprisoned and the only thing we have accomplished is to increase the national debt and give more money to drug cartels. We are sentencing people to more time than what some get for murder or violent crime. That is a crime in itself. The US spends an average of $50,000 to incarcerate an inmate, but an average of $10,000/yr on a child's education. All for nonviolent possession and distribution charges. As of now, Marijuana is a Scheduled I substance, the same as heroin; no medical use and highly addictive and dangerous according to the federal government. Cocaine is a Schedule 2; safer in their eyes and apparently has medicinal use. So the fact that the classify it as more dangerous than cocaine is absurd and creates harsher penalties. My problem is that no one should tell me what I should be able to do in my own home, whether it be to have a glass a wine or smoke a joint. It all comes down to personal responsibility, not incrimination. This is the same government that says marijuana is bad, but the poison in vaccines and chemicals in food are ok! That being said, I respect the opinion of others and love a good debate as my intention is to educate. Support Delegate Mike Manypenny in his quest and let's educate Rep. McKinley and let him know that his opinion in fact supports drug cartels, big pharmaceutical companies, the imprisonment of millions of Americans, and withholds a beneficial substance from many who would benefit. We can fight back. Know your rights as a juror: A juror has not only the responsibility to determine the facts of a case before her on the basis of the evidence presented, but also the power to determine the law according to her conscience. This was once used when people were being tried for crimes involving the freeing of slaves, during prohibition for alcohol related crimes, and today for crimes involving marijuana. In Colorado, federal prosecutors have admitted to not charging those with marijuana crimes because they typically lose due to jury nullification and it's a waste of taxpayer money. Know your rights.
Nov 16, 2012 at 10:53 AM
i agree 100% the pill issue meth an herion that seems to be everywhere along with spice but yet they rather put marijuana at the top of drugs to rid our states of? waated tax dollars atleast pot can be taking in ways its not as bad as smoking like vapor or eating.. we need this legal so we can better educate our youth an allow for better research of the cures it holds. hope this helps in some way
Nov 15, 2012 at 7:10 PM
I agree with Joe Rogan this would help in our state.
Nov 15, 2012 at 6:40 PM
Pot is no worse than smoking cigarettes,at least pot can be used for medical purposes.
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