A Freeze Warning means that sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or likely, which

could kill sensitive spring vegetation.


8AM Mostly sunny and chilly.  Lowlands:  Lower 30s.  Mountains:  Middle 20s.
NOON Mostly sunny.  Lowlands:  Lower 50s.  Mountains:  Upper 40s.
4PM Mostly sunny and milder.  Lowlands:  Lower 60s.  Mountains:  Upper 50s.
8PM Mostly sunny and mild.  Lowlands:  Upper 50s.  Mountains:  Middle 50s.
TONIGHT Mostly clear and chilly.  Low:  37.
FRIDAY Clouds and sun.  Mild.  Low:  37.  High:  68.
SATURDAY Partly cloudy and mild.  Low:  43.  High:  67.
SUNDAY Mostly sunny and nice!.  Low:  39.  High:  72.
MONDAY Increasing clouds with a shower late in the day.  Low:  44.  High:  74.
TUESDAY Clouds and some sun with scattered showers.  Low:  49.  High:  68.
WEDNESDAY Partly cloudy and mild.  Low:  47.  High:  69.
WDTV Meteorologist Pierce Legeion             
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