Falcons for the Arts group holds rally in support of music and theater programs at FSU

The Falcons for the Arts group holds a rally in support of the music and theater programs at...
The Falcons for the Arts group holds a rally in support of the music and theater programs at Fairmont State University. The Board of Governors has decided to eliminate the programs.(Veronica Ogbe | Veronica Ogbe)
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 11:35 AM EDT
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MARION COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - The Falcons for the Arts group held a rally Monday evening in support of Fairmont State University's music and theater programs.

The Board of Governors met in May to discuss eliminating the programs, and by mid-June, the decision was made to remove the programs.

Through continued support and the efforts of alumni, faculty, staff and other community members, they hope that they can reverse the decision.

"I hope that the board and the leadership team at Fairmont State University realizes that the academic programs are the foundation of the building for the theater programs," Celi Oliveto, a member of the rapid response team for the group said.

Those in support shared their thoughts and concerns about removing the programs, and many referred to the the arts at Fairmont State as 'cultural heritage.'

"Almost all of the music teachers here in Marion County are graduates of this program and we have a very rich tradition of high school music in Marion County," Oliveto said.

The impact of the programs that Oliveto mentioned showed during the rally.

An upcoming senior in high school said Fairmont State was one of her final choices to attend in the next year, and although she doesn't plan on majoring in either program, the decision to remove them has impacted her greatly.

"There are so many nonmajors that take classes in the theater and music programs," Oliveto said. "All of these lessons that were taught to me like, always do better than what you think your best is, it trickled out to the entire campus," she said. and

"Without these faulty members it won't be the same."

The Falcons for the Arts group will hold a town hall on August 12th. Anyone that would like to participate can send an email to or visit the groups Facebook page.

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