Upshur County releases re-entry plan

Published: Jul. 14, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Upshur County Board of Education released its re-entry plan for its schools.

Director of safety and emergency preparedness for Upshur County schools Dr. Jeffery Harvey says the plan is a gradual process.

School officials say they are flexible sensitive to the concerns of parents in the uncertain time.

As schools across West Virginia reopen on September 8, Upshur County schools released its re-entry plan.

“We’ll have the newer students and younger students in each of the schools attend school on the first day and a grade or two will be added each successive day in that week until we have the full student population in the building,” Harvey said.

Although Upshur County schools open on September 8, all students from all grades will be in session will not be in school until September 11.

Harvey has this to say to parents who are worried about their kids going back to school.

“Our process is designed with student safety as the priority. All of this is being is being done in consultation with local public health and other safety officials,” Harvey said.

Upon the completion of the county survey Upshur Count schools was able to drive their decision with the input from community members.

“We want to keep that open and transparent, honest communication with our community and our employees,” Stankus said.

Stankus assures that Upshur Count schools is closely monitoring any new information regarding COVID-19 cases before the new school year.

“We have to be responding to the data that comes out about the spread of the virus,” Stankus said.

Stankus is urging for parents to be as involved in the process as possible.

The county will provide more training for custodial staff on sanitizing and disinfecting its facilities.

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