Small Businesses on board with #Masks4Morgantown campaign

Small businesses are trying to spread awareness, along with the Health and Wellness Commission to get locals to follow CDC guidelines.
Published: Jul. 22, 2020 at 7:06 PM EDT
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MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - The city of Morgantown recently instituted fines for those who don’t wear masks during what is consider necessary times, and the Health and Wellness Commission is getting on board to support the city’s decision.

"We decided to have a special meeting to decide what we were going to do as a commission to encourage residents to follow the CDC recommendations," chair of the Health and Wellness Commission, Hanna Keyser said.

In order to encourage those in the area, the commission started a campaign called #Masks4Morgantown. The campaign is used to spread awareness about following COVID-19 guidelines. They are holding their first contest within the campaign where locals take a picture and upload the image of themselves wearing their favorite face covering, and add the hashtag in the description.

Some small businesses in the area are also helping with the campaign.

"They (small businesses) also want to be able to open up soon, and having people wear masks is a way to get that to happen faster," Keyser said.

Danielle Trumble is one of the small business owners that is taking part.

"In addition to being a member of the Health and Wellness Commission, I'm also a small business owner here in Morgantown, I am a licensed home-based bakery," Trumble said.

Considering her small business, she said it’s important for those in the area to follow the guidelines because it affects local businesses more than people know.

“When businesses are shut down, it’s not the big-box stores, like Walmart, Kroger or places like that, that are getting shut down,” Trumble said. “It is our small local businesses that may not be able to recover, so as the numbers get worse and COVID spreads, these are the types of businesses that are really hurting,” she said.

“They’re also having to pay extra toward cleaning and sanitization, PPE and things like that. that just aren’t apart of everyday business,” Trumble said. “There’s a lot of additional expense aside from the cost that is on the shirt that you buy or the meal that you purchase.”

The contest began on Tuesday, July 21 and will end on July 31. Winners will be selected from different age groups. Keyser said there will be a series of contests over time and any small business that is interested in becoming a part of the campaign can contact the Health and Wellness Commission.

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