Fairmont City Council ostracizes member’s poor language

Published: Jul. 28, 2020 at 11:09 PM EDT
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Fairmont City Council voted to ostracize member, Karl David Kennedy’s offensive behavior on social media.

By ostracizing Kennedy’s actions, the council voted to remove themselves from being associated with the comments Kennedy made on social media.

The first time this issue was brought up was January when Kennedy originally made offensive remarks on Facebook. Recently he re-posted an anti-feminist post that upset people.

The argument against ostracizing that what someone chooses to say on their social media platform should not be dictated by the council.

Mayor Brad Merrifield said, he thought this was a tough decision due to freedom of speech, but Kennedy’s language was inexcusable.

“We are speaking for people other than ourselves. I said how many of his constituents would support what he said as representing them,” he added.

Kennedy remained on the council. However, his actions on social media are no longer be connected to Fairmont City Council.

Kennedy was at the meeting. However, he left before the council voted on this topic.

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