Evictions on the rise

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 6:17 PM EDT
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MARION COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - As the beginning of the month calls for rent to be paid, many cannot fit the bill.

With lawmakers continuing to debate over the next covid-19 stimulus package, many are struggling to just get by.

The CARES act protected 12 million people from being evicted but expired at the end of July. Governor Jim Justice has said that landlords should keep in mind the stresses covid-19 has placed many renters.

Executive Director of Union Mission in Fairmont George Batten cites the crisis hitting close to home.

"We're having a increase and the biggest increase are people with children looking for housing because they have been kicked out of where they've been," Batten said.

"We shut the economy down and that was going to in some way impact some people and this is the impact that we're getting," Batten said.

Batten says, it's a tricky situation.

"Government is always going to be limiting and people need understanding and compassion," Batten said.

Housing experts advise renters to talk to their landlords to try to find the best solution.

In the same breath, landlords are using rent to pay off the loans they took out to pay the property.

"They got into the business for money, now can they afford to be more understanding, are they in the same boat that the people are putting out are in with mortgage payments,"

Batten said.

Batten worries that with these evictions and limited options for people to go to, there will be a resurgence of individuals living in small encampments.

"It's a choice whether people or going to be compassionate, caring and helpful or not," Batten said.

Now experts argue more needs to be done at the state and federal level for tenants and landlords but negotiations between congress and the white house are ongoing.

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