WVU reminds students about COVID-19 guidelines after reported parties over the weekend

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 6:38 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - For many students at West Virginia University, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be on their list of worries based off of the reports of numerous parties that took place during the weekend of Aug. 15.

Students were seen in large groups not wearing masks or social distancing at off-campus parties.

The University put out a statement on Monday in regard to the events. WVU Dean of Students Corey Farris, shared with 5 News his concerns.

“”It was disappointing,” Farris said. “I mean our students have to follow those guidelines that we put out there and that’s the longterm effect,” he said. “Are we going to make it to November 24th? That’s what we’re planning on and what we’re hoping to do.”

Although those plans are in place, Farris said that if the school guidelines aren’t followed, students may not make it to see Nov. 24, which is their last day of in-person classes.

Already in North Carolina, UNC Chapel Hill welcomed back their students, and COVID-19 followed. After over 130 positive cases coming from dorms and fraternity houses, the university has now switched to remote learning…and that’s what Farris doesn’t want to see happen at WVU.

“We’re not only trying to keep our students safe but our faculty safe our staff safe, but also our local community.”

The university is encouraging students to report any large gatherings that aren’t following proper guidelines by contacting the university police or by using the Live Safe app, where reports can also be done anonymously.

“We’re not messing around, quite frankly, we’re gonna address those students or those organizations if they’re affiliated with WVU no question,” Farris said.

WVU released their second COVID-19 report, and saw an increase in positive cases between July 21-Aug. 16. There are now 96 positive cases.

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